Learning resources

Here we hope to highlight resources connected to film-making, in addition to providing links to short films which address themes of death, dying and palliative care. These are intended to serve as possible inspiration for films made on the course, or perhaps as starting points for discussions around how film-making can convey ideas about death and dying.

‘The Dad Project’ (2011)

‘My Favourite Picture of You’ (2013)

‘Watching Me Watching You’ (2013), the seventh part of a series ‘The Long Goodbye’ by Rosetta Life.

These are just a few videos which may prove helpful/relevant.

For more films related to death, dying and palliative care (both short and long form), there is an extensive selection at ProgramsForElderly.com.

‘Tulip’ (2016)

Tulip is a recent photography book which documents the relationship between Celine Marchbank and her dying mother, Sue, through the medium of photography.