October 2016

‘Digital Technology and Human Vulnerability’ is a mouthful, and an indigestible mouthful at that, outside the context of academia at least. One of the first tasks of the team was to choose a clear and appealing title to carry the offer of our project to the hospice users we hoped to get involved. ‘Life Moving’ chimed with other Arts-oriented projects that had taken place at John Taylor, was immediately familiar as well as catchy. That it conjures both the motion and emotion of film that has been so evocative for my own research, worked very well for me too.

We started slowly in October, building interest in what we are doing amongst staff at JTH especially those in direct contact with outpatients who were increasingly being identified as important potential participants. Briony and I visited the day hospice each week to chat to patients and attend different kinds of staff meetings to reach out to the community nurses. This growing support from JTH teams translated into a good number of participants joining us for the first workshops.

Michele Aaron

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