Watching all the films as a whole

Select your approach
Watch and discuss the films

If you show all six films back to back it takes about 50 minutes to watch them all but you should allow at least 90 minutes for the session. Allow ten minutes to introduce the session, go through the ground rules or create the environment for reflective viewing and learning.

You can watch the films in any order, some are longer and some are shorter. We recommend the following order because of the productive mix in style, tone and length that it affords: Yussef, Fran, Rob, Keisha, Pete, Andrew

After you have viewed the films, you can use some or all of the following questions to facilitate discussion and debate:

  • What did you notice about the different ways the films were made? What did that make you think about the participants?
  • What do you think the participants shared of themselves that you would not have found out in a clinical interaction?
  • Which film resonated with you most? Why?
  • What did the films tell you about the importance of care?
  • What did the films tell you about the importance of communication?
  • What did the films tell you about how patients view clinical staff?
  • What do you think quality of life means in relation to the films?
  • What is universal or particular about the films?