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From October 2016 – March 2017, patients at John Taylor Hospice were given the opportunity to take part in a filmmaking project which sought to harness the power of film to communicate the meaningful and honest experiences of those affected by terminal illness. Through workshops and home visits, participants were given practical and critical training and support to develop and co-create their own films. Working closely with key members of the interdisciplinary team – Michele Aaron and Briony Campbell – different ideas, priorities and devices were explored and six films created.

The films produced provided a range of benefits for the individuals taking part but also for wider understandings of the needs of these groups. They also tell us about the potential of film to shift attitudes about human vulnerability.

This filmmaking project is part of the research project – Digital Technology and Human Vulnerability: Towards an Ethical Film Praxis (DTHV) – which explores the way that digital film technology has transformed the encounter between viewer and vulnerable other, here the individual affected by terminal illness, and which reflects upon how digital technologies might transform our understanding and response to human vulnerability. A scoping report, a set of ethical guidelines, participant testimonies, audience feedback, an impact report and various academic articles have come out of this research. All of these are available through